halal culinary adventures

Ummah Thai 

"For people who like their meals spicy, just tell the waiter to make your order 'extra hot'."


'The very comfortable eatery is located in an Islamic Center...'

Soul Origin (Epping)

"...a casual eatery just inside one of the main entrances (near the Westpac bank) of Epping Plaza."

MS Coffee Shop

"...the (female Muslim) owner was very welcoming..."

Thai Ayothaya

"A newly opened Thai place in Richmond..."

Kasr Sweets

"Kasr is a coffee and dessert haven.."


" of those long established eateries that recently caught the eye of Melbourne's hipsters."

Ghin Thai

"...the most delicious tom yum I'd ever tasted."


'Very friendly service, outstanding food presentation, and a well designed space.'

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